Wednesday, October 29, 2003 - News - Homeowner Discovers Uninvited Guest Living In Attic

Homeowner Discovers Uninvited Guest Living In Attic
Intruder Apparently Ate Homeowner's Food, Tapped Into Electricity

NEWTON, Kan. -- Do you know who's living in your attic? One Kansas man discovered his attic was home for an intruder.

Newton police said that a man would come and go from the homeowner's residence. He did that for about six weeks before being discovered.

The uninvited guest apparently spied on the homeowner, tapped into the electricity and phone service, and even ate the homeowner's food.

"He noticed the cereal was running low and he couldn't understand. But now he knows why," neighbor Max Roberts said.

"There's probably a good chance that 75 percent of the community is checking their attics right now," Detective Todd Hanchett said.

Police said that the homeowner woke up Saturday night and discovered the intruder. He chased the man from the home. Police have not caught up with the intruder yet.
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