Monday, October 27, 2003

Hurriedly writing thoughts from my desk.

1. Why in the world did the Dallas Morning News have on the front page on the Saturday paper the article about the floozy Highland Park rich bitch shop lifting from Neiman Marcus. Are we trying to get our own local Wynona Ryder? Who cares! There is more important news about there! Must have been a slow news day.

2. Went to the Alan Jackson concert. Great!

3. Dallas is now searching outside the city limits for a new police chief. Good luck.

4. There is a registered sex molester who lives on my street down the block. His mother or sister has decorated the place up to the nines for Halloween. The question is: Would you take your kid there? No way from this end.

5. The Yankees were beat, were beaten good, in the World Series!

6. Is fall finally here, or is it going to get hot again before winter. Texas at its finest.

7. Being that it is Halloween, saw my fav all time Halloween flick this weekend –
namely: Halloween.

8. Ed is a happy man. He is going to see Shania Twain and will be sitting on the 14th row.

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