Thursday, August 14, 2003

Well, I got a letter printed on the Dallas Morning News Blog, wherein they said DART paid for the HOV lane on the highway I travel to work. Only cars with 2 people can use the HOV. I drive alone for two reasons (1) can't find a rider; (2) don't want a rider because I do a lot of errands after work and don't want the extra person.

Still, that wouldn't be a good enough answer for DART.

But after writing further, I finally relented - yes traffic is better with the HOV lane, even if you don't use it. I concede on this one. But I still want DART Flyers to the State Fair.

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A reader responds:
Considering I live in NE Dallas (near Eastfield), I am not in the position (livingwise) to marvel the joys of riding the rail. It would take longer to drive my car to the train station, park and wait than it would to get on I30 and go to town. The East Corridor studies are probably for the Pleasant Grove area - not near me at all.

Forget DART. And I only live 3 blocks in from Mesquite, Texas. :(

DART funds helped build the HOV lane on I-30 east of downtown. More information on the East Corridor studies is available from DART online. No rail service right along I-30 is planned.
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