Thursday, August 14, 2003

I have a solution:

Go back to Texas. Vote redistricting even though the Republicans get it tilted their way. Get more demos to vote in Texas thereby getting a majority again. Change redistricting back to your way again.

The trick is getting a majoriy in the Senate again. : Texas Legislature Carries on Without Dems: "Texas Legislature Carries on Without Dems
Texas Governor Says He Will Continue Calling Sessions Despite Runaway Democrat Lawmakers

The Associated Press

AUSTIN, Texas Aug. 13 —
Gov. Rick Perry said Wednesday he would continue calling special legislative sessions until Senate Democrats who fled the state to block a congressional redistricting bill show up to vote, a newspaper reported.
'If there is work to be done, I expect the Legislature to be here conducting it,' Perry said in the Austin American-Statesman's online edition Wednesday. 'There is work to be done.'"

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