Thursday, August 14, 2003

Some Questions:

1. Were the citizens of Colorado paying for this little expedition?
2. Why is NM discussing with Texas about Texas redistricting - it is none of their business.
3. Ditto Colorado.
4. Beer and peaches? - News - Colorado Dems Take Road Trip To Support Renegade Texans:

"Colorado Dems Take Road Trip To Support Renegade Texans
Texas Democrats Boycotting Republican-Led Redistricting Plan

DENVER -- Colorado Democrats want to show their support for their counterparts from Texas who are boycotting a Republican-led redistricting plan.
Senate Minority Leader Joan Fitz-Gerald, D-Golden, said she and three other state senators would drive seven hours to Albuquerque, N.M., Wednesday to meet with the 11 politicians who fled their state to stop the plan from being approved.

She said she was loading up her Dodge Caravan with Colorado beer and peaches to offer as gifts.
'A, it promotes Colorado and B, I have a feeling after being there that long, they will have a mighty thirst,' Fitz-Gerald said.
Joining her will be Sens. Ron Tupa of Boulder, Bob Hagedorn of Aurora and Ken Gordon of Denver.
Their plan is to meet with Texas and New Mexico legislators to discuss the issue of Republican redistricting.
Fitz-Gerald said they want to tell the Texans about how Colorado Republicans were able to pass a favorable redistricting plan in the final three days of the legislative session last May. The plan strengthens two GOP areas, giving Republicans a 5-2 edge in the state's congressional districts.
'This Republican plan is national, and we need to remember that we're trying to preserve the unaffiliateds' power, their vote, by not locking in districts that are predetermined before an election,' she said.
'The Texas Democrats are fighting a naked act of tyranny and we are going down to New Mexico to show them moral support,' said Gordon.

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