Thursday, August 14, 2003

Also, another gem from the Dallas Morning News blog about Dallas' Finest -- are they allowed to do this? | Dallas-Fort Worth | Opinion:
"Shady work

Not that this involves me personally in any way (OK, it does) ... but do you think it's OK for a police officer to order a driver to drive in reverse (about 30 yards) along a major interstate so that he can issue a speeding ticket (80 in a 60) in the shade of an overpass? Yesterday afternoon, two of Dallas' finest were running into traffic on foot and gesturing to speeding drivers to pull over without ever leaving their shady overpass. When I walked back to the officer (instead of driving in reverse), he walked to the edge of the shade and then yelled at me to get back in my car and back up into the shade! By the time I got there, he had my ticket filled out and ready to sign. Isn't that odd? And a little unsafe? I really don't mind the ticket, mind you. I deserved it ... but I would never voluntarily drive in reverse on the side of the road.

[named withheld}

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