Friday, January 17, 2003

More notes – but this time on a Friday

I have signed Ed and myself to the Colonial House. I didn’t tell him until I got home from work. He wasn’t too thrilled about it.

I think it would be great if we got chosen. We could be elder states people there. Ed could play like he is William Bradford, but then the web site also said the men would probably have to hand dig out a canoe. Whereas, I would have to do everything – and I mean everything from scratch, starting with growing our food. There would be no bug spray, so I’d have to get out there and pick off all the bugs by hand. Then cook by a open hearth and getting it just right so the food wouldn’t burn on one side. What I would dislike the most is killing for food. My grandmother was great at ringing chicken necks, but… give me Colonel Sanders.

They asked if you were religious, so I take it would be a colonial home in Puritan America, and not down in Virginia. Will there be a pillory in the middle of town? A dunking chair?

It would be for five months – from early spring to next fall. We probably won’t get it, but it would be a very interesting road trip to say the least.

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