Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Ramblings going through the brain on a Wednesday:

1. The new Harry Potter book is supposed to be coming out on June 21.

2. I heard the duet of Tim McGraw and Elton John singing Tiny Dancer on the AMC awards show. Let it known, you could sure tell who is the better singer. He’s not Sir Elton John for nothing. A lot better vocal range that Tim McGraw.

3. Not that I don’t dislike Tim McGraw (eye candy), but Elton John is definitely the better singer of the two.

4. I saw the second Lord of the Rings movie last weekend – Legolas is eye candy too.

5. My city council person who represents my district is running for Mayor of Dallas. If she does what she done for us who live in the northeastern sector of her district if she becomes – it should amount to absolutely NOTHING.

6. Today is pay day.

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