Thursday, November 07, 2002

I watched the County Music Association awards show last night. Very good show! Alan Jackson won just about everything, but then it was his year to do so.

I have a gripe about Shania Twain and Faith Hill. If they are country and western singers, why don’t they sing it – and not shlock pop crossover. Give me a break! That’s why I listen to C&W, because it’s not Popsicle pop. And, Shania and Faith introduced two new songs last night – so that means next year, they will be winning all the awards and the true country singers will have to sit in the back again. That’s why I am glad Alan Jackson won last night. He has stayed true to his roots – traditional country and western. But, I do like rock country also like Hank Jr., but it’s still country and not bordering on Madonna stuff. [/end rant].

Needless to say, Shania was eye candy for Ed. He doesn’t care what she sings.

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