Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Been away from the web log, had a upper respiratory infection.

Texas politics is at it again. Ten or 12 state senators have run away from Austin to hide in Albuquerque because they can't get their way. This is the first time since the civil war the majority in Texas hasn't been democratic, and now they can't stand the fire for the kitchen.

And people in Albuquerque are mad at their own governor for adding state police to guard the senators at the cost of the New Mexico people. Of course, how are the Texas people going to pay for their little wing ding in New Mexico. Texas politics stinks (next to Dallas).

The heat is still deplorable here in Texas and the electric bill is sky high to say the least. When when cooler weather get here?

Q and I are going to see Allen Jackson in October. Whoo hooo – our seats are only eight rows back.

Saw Pirates of the Caribbean, and yes, Johnny Depp does look like he is doing an imitation of Keith Richards.

Q and I have started a diet war to see who will lose a certain amount pounds first. The loser has to buy the other an outfit. I'm a shoo-in.

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