Friday, June 27, 2003

Old Republic Bank Building – Dallas – I mean the really old one!

Well it looks like Dallas (or at least a builder) is doing something good for the architecture of Dallas and not tearing down a beautiful building to make a parking lot.

The old Republic Bank Building (not the one built in the 50s – and probably should be torn down – ugly!) – now called the Davis Building is being renovated into another high-rise apartment. One of the huge vaults in the basement is going to be turned into a restaurant. This is a beautiful building and should not be torn down! Why, my mother even worked there for about 3 days back in the 1930's!.

There was an effort back in the mid 1980s for renovation and it really caved in – a huge fire developed in an oil repository in the basement – didn't hurt the building, but the smoke cloud was something to behold!

Below are a couple of pictures of the Republic (Davis) Building. Wish there were more like it!

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