Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Okay this is the accomplishment of my city council person who is running for Mayor – with my comments:

Successful dredging of White Rock Lake and kept on working to get new trails, trees and improvements to recreational facilities.

After the first estimates were flawed.

Led the charge for an audit plan that forced audits of city department that either had never been audited or hadn’t been audited in years. (third year of three-year plan—successful)

The government is still deeply in debt and my property tax has sky rocketed

Strongly advocated that city operations be automated to improve efficiency, cut costs and provide better audit trails.


Tireless advocate for increased spending on streets. (650% increase in spending on street maintenance)

I haven't seen any improvments on the streets in this part of the city.

Worked at the national level to see that Texans received a larger allocation of transportation funds.

I got no stinkin' money

Advocated neighborhood flood control projects. (Millcreek and Rush Creek projects are underway)

Not in my part of the city

Constant advocate for important neighborhood improvements—streets, sidewalks, libraries, recreation centers, parks:

Harry Stone Recreation Center remodeled - my part of the city
Casa View library branch remodeled What did they do???
Ridgewood/Belcher Recreation Center expanded - Not in my part of the city
Skillman/Southwestern library branch opened -Not in my part of the city
Worked with developers on Mockingbird Station—best multi-modal mixed-use project in Dallas. (opened Summer 2001) There will NEVER a train to my part of the city

Worked with Meadows Foundation to get land grant and first cash grant for Latino Cultural Center. (opening 2002) - Not Spanish

Worked with Nasher family to ensure the Nasher collection stayed in Dallas. (opened 2002) - Not rich.

Clean-up effort at Lake Ray Hubbard- joint effort between the City of Dallas Water Utilities and the City of Rowlett. This is an ongoing effort between both cities to provide a cleaner and safer lake.

Not in my part of the city

Okay, so far I got Harry Stone remodeled and Casa View remodeled. Boy! The quality of life in my part of the City!!!

Next to Boss Mayor

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