Wednesday, April 23, 2003

From Boss Miller's campaign web site:

Last year, caring citizens like you fueled our positive, back-to-basics campaign to clean up City Hall. Together we said: Dallas is an upbeat, businesslike, get-it-done city that has proven it can build the big-ticket projects like great airports, a world-class symphony center and sports arenas. Now it’s time to focus on basics for people in our neighborhoods . . . and real ethics reform at City Hall.

Roads. Parks. Schools. Police. Code enforcement. Improving basics for homeowners and businesses. Restoring ethics and integrity in city government. That’s how we make Dallas once again The City That Works . . . and works for all of us.
. . .
Cutting wasteful spending. Raising police pay the right way. Strengthening code enforcement. Solving a $95 million budget shortfall without cutting basic services like streets, trash pick-up, libraries and rec centers . . . and again, without a major tax hike. Filling more than 18,000 potholes. And trust me, I count them!

Unfortunately, there are still people who like things done the old way at City Hall.

They backed last year’s $43 million Palladium giveaway. They fought the hardest against the Ethics Commission. Spoke up loudest to protect costly sick-pay and bonus perks. Lobbied hardest for budget-busting spending that would have meant a bigger tax hike.

Now one of them is running for Mayor. [meow] These folks are pulling out all the stops, serving notice that once again they will spend whatever it takes to oppose our crusade to clean up City Hall. They already have launched TV ads, direct mail pieces and media attacks. It’s the same old stuff . . . relentless negative mudslinging, ridiculing our positive, honest campaign for a vision of basics in neighborhoods and ethics at City Hall. Regardless of how much they spend on negative attacks, we will keep to the high road. Just like last year, I’m going to stay positive, focus on the issues and go on working to clean up City Hall. [watch out - cat fight]

Concerning the bolded parts of her "letter" - where????? I haven't seen it in my part of the city!!!!
Billy Jack Ludwig - we need you!

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