Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Sometimes, I think my (and Ed’s) dog – Augie the Beagle weiner is a goat. He eats everything.
Some of the things he has eaten.

1. One shoe each from five pair shoes that I have, which means I only have one good shoe left from each pair – so gets them?
2. Three books, including one autographed paperback and two hardbacks.
3. Crocheted Christmas decoration
4. Pair of moccasins
5. One Glass Christmas decoration but he only broke that, he wanted the box it was in
6. Harpo, the cat’s ears – who didn’t like it very much
7. A rag rug
8. Two pair of hose
9. The covering off a glass case.
10. 1957 Chevrolet Impala

Speaking of Orlando Bloom, he was on BBCA last night. I tried to call Quida about it but since she is slow as molasses, she missed most of it. My, my, my – oh to be young again.

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