Thursday, December 12, 2002

I am not going to get on the computer tonight (literally and figuratively) as the room it is in is too cold and Ed won’t turn up the heat. So I am sneaking this off at work. Nothing new has happened. I still have not scanned the dog’s Christmas photo to post. Yeah, just call me lazy.

I have a very bad case of winter blahhhhhhhhhhs. I think it is the weather. At least it’s not raining today, just foggggggggggggy. I hate it. I need some sun.

I only have two more presents to buy for Christmas, and I will be finished. Thank goodness for the Internet shopping.

I need to post this month’s hunk soon – I already know who it is. I need to get some good photos together for it.

Am going out to East Texas this weekend to pick up a ham for Christmas. Usually, we go to Oklahoma (, but don’t have time this year so I am going to drive out to Wills Point and then stop by Stouffers in Terrell, Texas, on the way back to get some chocolate to go with it.

Sunday, I am going to see the next Harry Potter movie.

Man, what an interesting life I have.

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