Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Well, It was Road Trip Time Again

Ed just laid off from his temp job and I got a new one, so what else could we do but go on a Road Trip with Quida (who doesn't work).

We went on our yearly Halloween visit to East Texas.

First, we went to Mary of Pudding' Hill where we loaded up on the usual frippery there. I got some Thingajigs (like Turtles, only better) and Lil' Puds (miniature fruit cake and yet it tastes great) and some jalapeno peanut brittle. I also picked up a glittery stuffed bear for Halloween. Ed got some Jellie Bellies for the candy machine at home. When I was checking out, I found the greatest thing for Ed - a dead finger ball point pen. It is dull grey (no blood) and very rubbery. Very gross. Ed loved it.

Then we rolled over to Terrell, Texas, and ate at our fav. Tex-Mex restaurant there. I forgot the name of it and will post it the next time we go there.

Finally, we got back I-20 and went to the Russell Stover outlet near Forney, Texas. I went crazy and bought the following (with plastic, of course):

Goblin Pack
Nougat/Peanut thing
another Goblin Pack
Looney Tunes Box
2 Peanuts Boxes with toy
4 Garfields with toy
package of butterscotch hard candy
Snoopy Coin Bank
Package of Licorice
Another Goblin Pack
2 packages of Boston Beans
Whitman Assorted Dark Chocolate
Stouffer assorted dark Chocolate
plus several bags of Smores and other candy to be given at Halloween

unless I eat it all first. Burp.

It was rather an untypical road trip - we only made one wrong turn and didn't get lost this time. Something must be wrong. Better luck next time.

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