Monday, October 07, 2002


It was Talledega, but since the Nascar require the cars to be equipped with restrictor plates (BOOOOOO), it was another somewhat boring race. Bill Elliot, who holds the record for speed at 218 there, is quoted to have said on Speed vision that if the cars today were to run without those stupid plates, the average speed would be around 228. Oh, to have that back again! To quote Ed, "Ah, the sound of high octane engines." And don't forget the G force.

The most exciting thing that happened was on the first pace laps. Jimmie Johnson had the pole with Mark Martin in the second berth. Mark Martin was weaving to warm up his tires. All of a sudden he went toward the wall and then veered back down and hit JJ. Both of them had damage and ended back in the back. This would have been good luck for Jeff Gordon but he lost a cylinder; ditto Jimmie Johnson. So it was E, Jr. ending up in first place with Tony Stewart. Tony Stewart also took over the points lead.

My boys - The Burton Brothers and Elliot Sadler - didn't fair so well.

Very interesting at the end of Nascar season. Still want Martin to win the whole thing.

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