Monday, September 16, 2002

Well, Ed and I went to the Silverado 350 Nascar truck race this past weekend at Texas Motor Speedway way over in Fort Worth.

This wasn't the big boys with Nascar, but it was just as good. Nothing like the sound and smell of 43 or so high-octane vehicles going into high speed at the drop of the green flag.

My favorite car was the number 11. Last race, it didn't have a sponsor. They just painted a number 11 on the pit stall. It looked like it was just a group of good old boys running a truck, having a good time. In the last race, their truck finished in the top 15 so they probably all went out and celebrated at the local bar - to celebrate the fact that they did finish! This time, they had a couple of sponsors - but unfortunately with only a few laps to go, the motor blew -- but at least they didn't wreck. I am going to keep my eye on them - maybe there's another Ron Hornaday there.

Brendan Gaughan won again. He's the guy in the TV commercial at the dentist's office who doesn't want novocaine.

Ed and I were totally and absolutely wiped out when we got home. We just dragged our butts into the door. It seems that a huge smog cloud had rolled into Texas from Chicago and St. Louis. The air was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. It looked more like it was going to rain - but wasn't - it was SMOG - ugly smog from the North. We were on a Code Red alert pollution alert, and I had to go back out to the truck because I couldn't breath that well.

I saw one bird fly over the track gagging and sneezing while he flew.

Ahh, Texas, doncha love it!

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