Tuesday, September 17, 2002


I've been taking this stupid codeine cough medicine and besides making me itch all over, I guess it's really making me loopy!

I woke up last night and thought I heard a man and a woman talking - or yelling at each other - but it was through the ear that I had on the pillow. Was my pillow haunted? I lifted my head up - no noise - I put my head back down and now I heard a man calling, or sounded like it - hello? hello? (Like he was a telephone).

It scared me to death. I thought I had picked up a radio or telephone line through my teeth fillings or maybe even - - my pillow.

Then I thought it was a premonition - so I called Ed at work to see if he was okay. He just asked "what kind of drugs are you taking?"

Then I thought I was hallucinating from the codeine cough syrup and got up for a while, but I did turn on all the lights in the house plus the TV and tried to do some shopping Ebay.

Finally, I went back to bed - you know what it was?

It was the wheezing in my lungs from the bronchitis I have had for the past five weeks!

/snort /cough /wheeze!!!!!

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