Friday, February 23, 2007


You know when spring is just around the corner when:

1. The flowering quince is blooming.

2. Robins are everywhere

3 The birds are getting randy.

4. Your cat is sitting on the roof.

How come is it you can’t forget all the bad things in your life and can’t stayed hold of the good ones.

It has been in the 80’s all this week, but I project that one more bad cold spell will hit us before winter ends.

Bye bye black bird, hello robins.

How come is it, that the one piece of clothing you pick out on a sales rack is the most expensive.

I wore pointed toe shoes back in the 70’s – never again.

Is the drought over in Texas?

The fruitcake lady was Truman Capote’s aunt.

New menu:

Friday Feast One Hundred & Thirty Two:


Where on your body do you have a scar, and what caused it?

On eyelid – fell off bed when baby back in stone age.


What is something that has happened to you that you would consider a miracle?

I’m still alive


Name a television personality who really gets on your nerves.

Bill Maher

Main Course

What was a funny word you said as a child (such as "pasketti" for "spaghetti")?
Liplip for lipstick


Fill in the blank: I have always thought ______ was ___________.

I have always thought counter intelligence was crucial to intelligence. But don’t quote me.


On a much more uplifting note:

Britney is finally back in rehab and Anna Nicole is going to be buried.

Not necessarily in that order. Let’s get back to the real news like crazy astronauts.

“Keep your stick on the ice.” ~ Red Green

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