Friday, February 04, 2005

Dallas' Finest:
The ex-husband (police officer) put pictures of his ex, also a police officer (who was nude in the photo) on an amateur nude photo web site. She is furious about it as she did not know he had done it. He claims she knew about it.

Jerry Jones:

Did a good thing for a change. Signed Emmitt Smith to a "contract" so Emmitt could retire with the Cowboys. From: Yahoo – "Breaking down in tears and grasping his beloved Dallas Cowboys helmet, Emmitt Smith retired Thursday after a 15-year career in which he became the NFL's career rushing leader and played a key role on three Super Bowl champions."

ES was one of the greats. Wish Dallas had someone like him on the team now – are you listening Parcells?

News Flash:

Lubbock, Texas is still reeling over experiment done by "scientists" last weekend that bubba's and creme sherry do not mix. Backs up experiment done in Hawaii in 1970s done with 7 whiskey sours. Also, experiment that tequila, wine and yellow Cadillacs do not mix.

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