Thursday, January 06, 2005

Gleanings from today's newspaper:

1. Wynona Ryder is a convicted felon (for shoplifting) but has done her time (community service). She has found she cannot sign a letter encouraging President Bush to sign the "environmentally friendly Kyoto agreement" because her criminal record. Maybe they can get O.J. Simpson.

2. Yesterday, we were told that Britney Spears wanted to go into CSI work and go to college (after she had been watching the television show). Today we're told she's writing a musical. She ought to do what she does best – nothing.

3. Another one bites the dust – Jude Law is marrying Sienna Miller.

4. No one should do this (from the Dallas Morning News: Linking Adolf Hitler and Dallas Mayor Laura Miller in the same breath, former City Council member Al Lipscomb on Wednesday compared efforts to expand mayoral powers to Nazi power grabs and the Jewish Holocaust. "Even the Holocaust started somewhere," Mr. Lipscomb told the council, lurching over the public comments lectern, his eyes trained on Ms. Miller as he wagged his finger at her. "Hitler – he was one man obsessed with the need of more power. A power-crazed brute. The mayor's office of Dallas is not for you alone, Ms. Miller, and your cronies. Shame, shame, shame!" One shocked council member insisted that only Mr. Lipscomb should be ashamed – of himself. "I find it appalling for a former Dallas City Council member to come in here and compare the Holocaust to something that's going on at City Hall. I find it appalling, Mr. Lipscomb!" council member Mitchell Rasansky shouted. Several of Mr. Rasansky's relatives died during the Holocaust.

Yes, Mr. Lipscomb should be ashamed – but isn't he a convicted a felon from bribery when he was on the City Council – only being acquitted because of a legal technicality and not because of his innocence? We can dislike the Mayor all we want – BUT DON'T DO THIS. Shameful, very shameful.

5. On a lighter note (and more expensive): A local woman has decided to make diaper bags more fun and more designer like – if you have $165 to $325 you can buy these at Stanley Korshack. But if you had that much money (and could shop at Stanley Korshack), couldn't you afford a nanny?


christine said...

Hi De Hi

1. I thought Jude Law was waitng for me
2. Why does anyone care about Britney Spears anyway
3. and a new point here - what is the point of Christina Aguilera ( call me an embittered middle aged woman if you wish

Melva (alias) said...

re: ditto on No. 3. One of my resolutions was not to mention them - broke it.