Thursday, November 11, 2004

Today is Veteran's Day. I would like to thank all my relatives and relatives-in-law(at least all I can remember from genealogy) for giving me freedom:

(Including all Wars)

Dempsey Lauderdale
Ralph Gambrell and his two sons
John Lauderdale
William Lauderdale
James Lauderdale
Dempsey Tyner
Joseph Dunham
John Walker of TN
Return Jonathan Meigs
Peter Eisenhauer
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Rufus Peter Isenhour
James Madison Coleman
Richard Coleman of KY
Covington Coleman
Richard Coleman of VA
Francis Coleman
John Madison
James Madison – all the Madisons for that matter - VA
All the Lees
Nancy Ward
The Wallaces of Shelby Co., Illinois
The Smiths of Shelby Co., Illinois
Bernard Martin Honan
The Fishers of Rowan Cty, NC
The Weants of NC
Henry Henderson Marshall
Madison Marshall

And all the others I have failed to mention.

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