Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Things I am Thinking on this Election Day

The election is on Arlington, Texas to build the new Cowboy stadium. Our esteemed mayor nixed it, along with the NASCAR track, and other money making ventures. She wants to make the Trinity River into the Riverwalk a la San Antonio.

Have you every seen the Trinity River. Mosquitoes, junky river, floods. $$$$$

We had a dog get hit by a car in our neighborhood on a Sunday. We called the Animal Control because the animal was in so much pain. Hours went by – every time we called back – they said "they're on their way." Well, I finally took the poor thing to a Emergency Vet service and luckily my sister took him in.

But as far as I know the Animal Control never showed up. Along with this, pit bulls are always running around our neighborhood.

Laura Miller promised to fix the roads when she was elected. I am still waiting for LaPrada (past East Field College) to be fixed. You can always tell when you cross the border into Mesquite from Dallas – the paving is so much better. I have had so many nails in my cars. Where is Laura Miller?

Has she done anything for our neighborhood. Let me see. (I'm thinking) No. Boy, but if I lived by Preston Road, there would be plenty.

Then is the security in Deep Ellum, which is so bad, business are moving out. She says they should protect themselves. I guess it just depends on part of Dallas you live.

Ahh, then there is the Dallas County Tax Authority – Am trying to get a disability exemption on our house for my husband. I sent in 3 letters of proof, including one from Jeb Hensarling. None were good. Had to have the perfect letter from the Social Security Administration (which is an experience in itself to get – knowing it more government bureaucracy). DCTA then says after they get this letter it will take 9 to 12 weeks to get it processed. What do they do? Sit on their thumbs. I tried to get my County Commissioner and I think I was talking to high school aid in his office because all she would say – is that's too bad, but they want that letter.

Oh yes, the Dallas County Tax Authority told me to go ahead and pay the tax bill (which I had already gotten and it has gone up $300, but our house is valued $10,000 more) and the Tax Office in Dallas would later refund me. Yeah right. One thing I don't have the full amount of money for the tax, I was relying on the disability exemption – and how many months will it take for the Tax Office to refund me, if at all.

Is there anything good to say about Dallas. Well, a cold front came in today and it is cooler.

And I voted for George W. Bush.

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