Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It is FINALLY cool here in Dallas. I think summer held off until September to show its fury. I can always tell when winter is near, the cats start coming in at night. Plus all the grackles are started congregating in the early evenings on all the buildings downtown to seek warmth and sleep. All lined up there – thousands – quite a sight.

A guy didn't have anything else better to yesterday so he decided to back into the side of my car. Dent in the right quarter panel and door. But he has insurance. What fun. I am probably being punished for voting for Bush. Right, Randi????

EDS is in finanacial problems [again] and is offering early retirement to some of its employees. If they were smart, these employees should take it, otherwise EDS will lay them off without any severance or medical or anything else -- but audios.

The guy who was running for sheriff in Dallas County lost to a woman. I think it was because he was born in 1951 in Bonham and being that my EX-cur er -husband was born in 1949 there, they probably went to the same high school and knew each other. Just goes to show you – don't mess the devil.

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