Tuesday, April 20, 2004


"One Snake Captured, Another On The Loose

POSTED: 1:03 pm CDT April 19, 2004

DALLAS -- The search continued Monday for a deadly cobra believed to be living beneath a Dallas apartment building.


Dallas Apartment Hosts Cobras

Animal control officials last week had already captured one Suphan cobra on the property at the 5200 block of Fleetwood Oaks, and said another is still living there.

Slideshow: Cobras Loose At Dallas Apartment Building

The snakes are among the most toxic, most aggressive snakes in the world, according to experts.

"In a place we're not used to seeing them in, there's a possibility they could envenomate someone if they come across them," Mike Watson, of the Dallas Zoo, said.

The threat of a potentially fatal bite has kept neighbors on edge, especially those who have seen the reptiles in person.

"And then it just stood up ... and I said, 'My God, that's a cobra,'" resident Michael Jeffers said.

"It raised its head up and its head was real wide, like the width of my 4 fingers," resident Dan Shilling said.

Despite the capture of one of the deadly snakes, neighbors remain terrified.

People have reported seeing the cobras sunning themselves on top of bushes and slithering from under their building.

No one knows how the snake, native to Thailand, wound up living on the property, but experts have sound theories.

"Chances are, someone brought it over for a pet, and it obviously escaped their control," Watson said.

Until all the cobras are captured, animal control officers are warning residents to avoid contact with the reptiles, and to call officials if they see one.

The snake that was captured is now in quarantine at the Dallas Zoo."

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