Monday, February 02, 2004

News from the weekend:

1. Saw super bowl. My team didn't win. Owe $2.00.

2. Best commercials:

a. Fetch dog
b. American Chopper take on AOL
c. Horse and candle
d. Jerry Jones singing Tomorrow.

3. Things in Dallas

a. A couple of weeks ago, ten (TEN) people got mugged outside Snuffers on Lower Greenville. The mayor, though, stated "again" there is not a problem with crime in that area.

b. She had a meeting the homeless (HOMELESS) addressing their rights (RIGHTS). Taxes anyone???

c. Her campaign promise was to repair the streets of Dallas. In the last month, I have had a flat tire in the left tire – twice; and the right tire - one. The streets are still not repaired.

d. There is supposed to be recyling on all streets in Dallas – all except mine. We still have a useless grey garbage carrier (it won't fit in the alley) and they won't come down the street (like all the other streets around us).

****more later****

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