Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Notes from Mordor (or the place where I work):


1. I am being slowly driven to madness. The girl next to me has her radio onto loud – not loud enough to heard words – but buzzing, etc. I can't ask her to quit as she work for a big wig. Right now, I am playing the sound track to Lord of the Rings to drown her out. LET'S TURN IT UP A LITTLE BIT HIGHER.

2. Saw the Return of the King – great movie. Probably won't win any academy awards. Hollywood is too stupid.

3. We have finally brought Attila the cat in from the backyard (after eight years). After meowing around for several hours, she finally settled down and slept for 24 hours straight. Probably the best sleep she ever had. Now to litter box train her.

4. The first primary is today – ha! GWB all the way.


Shame – Howard Dean lost.

/enc smirk


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