Wednesday, August 13, 2003

This is a very interesting blog indeed.

Capitol Hillblogger:

"Is '04 like '92?

While some Democrats might like to think of the 2004 election as similar to the 1992 election, James Taranto says it is very different:

But 2004 isn't 1992, despite the superficial similarities. Here are some crucial differences:

The recession of 1990-91 ended later in the election cycle than the recession of 2001, which means the economy is likely to look better by Election Day than it did in 1992.

In 1992, with the Cold War over and the Gulf War having ended in a seemingly satisfactory stalemate, national security was not a major issue. In 2004 it will be, and Democrats (except Joe Lieberman) are falling over each other competing over who is least responsible about protecting the nation from terrorism.

More generally, in 1992 the Democrats were hungry enough for victory that they nominated a man who campaigned as a centrist (pro-welfare reform, pro-death penalty). This time around, the Democratic nomination race looks to be all about satisfying the Angry Left.

In 1992 George Bush faced a semiserious primary challenge from Pat Buchahan. So far there has been no sign of Republican disunity vis-à-vis the younger Bush."

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