Friday, August 01, 2003

Regarding the Texas Demos running off to NM because they don't like redictricting map - got this off Comments Thingee (604099):

"First this article is full of sh*t. The Republican map creates more minority districts, not less. That is why the black Democrats didn't flee to Oklahoma in May.

Second this article is full of more sh*t:

'The Democratic Party wants the redistricting map to look like a doughnut. Since most cities have the minority voting population concentrated in the center, Democrats want redistricting lines to reflect that to keep the minority-voting block as a whole. '

Is that why my democrat drawn district is shaped like a limp wang? The dems aren't wanting to protect minority voting blocks, they're trying to protect white Democrats that have been elected to office by running the most gerrymandered districts through moderate areas and linking them to minority areas. A black can't get elected, but neither can a conservative. So we end up with a representative that doesn't reflect the politics of anyone in the district. (ie: Martin Frost)"

Hmmm, that hits it right on its demo head.

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