Tuesday, August 05, 2003


Republicans send relief to Democrats:

"Republicans send relief to Democrats.

The Republicans sent a 'care package' containing diapers, baby rattles, child leashes and pacifiers to the 11 Democrats staying at the Marriott Hotel in Albuquerque.

The Republican Party says they are only responding, albeit tongue-in cheek, to the pleas of the Democrats. The Dallas Morning News reported the Senators were short on various sundries, including underwear, as the week wore on. The Senators are closing in on day five of their stand-off with their Republican colleagues.
Texas GOP Chairwoman Susan Weddington says the diapers represent what the Republicans say is the Democrats' childish behavior. The Republicans go on to say the baby rattles give them something to hold as they shake their fists, the leashes keep them close to the national Democratic Party leaders who ordered the walk-out, and the pacifiers should help curb their whining.

'We hope that these behavior-appropriate items make the Democrats a little more comfortable while they are AWOL from their elected duties, ' says Wellington. 'The Democrats may be enjoying their out-of-state vacation now, but when they get back to Texas the people are going to send these rebellious Senators straight to their rooms'"

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