Friday, July 18, 2003

I am having a sleep problem day. I just hope I don't fall asleep at my desk. It would be very embarrassing.

I went to the sleep therapist this week and do have sleep apnea. One of the questions was has your snoring ever woken your husband – he'd say the snoring was so loud it blasted him out of the house. An earthquake in Texas. I will go in for tests in August. An all-nighter. Four hours sleeping on my own and four hours sleeping with that weird device on my face. It is supposed to force air from the bedroom into your nose so it will open up the passageways. The one I saw was white. I want a black one so I will look like Darth Vader and scare the dog to death. "Augie! I am your father."

I finished the latest book of Harry Potter and thought it was great. Somebody important was going to die but she really kept you guessing with so many red herrings thrown out. Very good writing. What I would like to know why the villains' (death eaters) (this is not giving away the plot) kids are allowed to keep going to school when it is known their parents are up to no good. Isn't it like father like son? But then I guess it is sort like going to school with Democrats' kids. Deatheaters? Democrats? Hmm. Valdomort? Bill Clinton? Hmm again.

We have been without a pollution alert for a few weeks now but not next week! It seems a very large dust storm is coming in from Africa and will be settling over Texas. Why Texas? There are other states? Last time, the dust pollution came from South America and Mexico. When will it end? Meanwhile, I can't breath.

We are going to see the group Alabama tonight on their farewell tour. If I can get through sitting in the sun until it sets, it should be great. I am taking a spray bottle of ice water to douse myself when need be.

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