Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Got this off FARK - Henchman wrote but I agree for the most part:

TOTALFARK.com: Comments Thingee (594964): "Law & Order is the 'thinking man's' cop show?! Don't get me wrong, I'm addicted to L&O. However, it needs to put an end to the following:

- 'Ripped from the headlines.' Gimmee a break. When they find a way to copy the MJ-dangling-the-kid news story, they've run out of ideas. They should quit using 'news of the weird' to obtain plots.
- 'The Law & Order twist.' When the promos start using that term, it's no longer surprising when it happens.
- Jerry Orbach is getting too old. I love the guy, but he's going to need a walker the next time a suspect bolts.
- No more Briscoe quips or trite wrap-up lines. Stop it. Now.
- End L&O, CI. Why? It's unrealistic, especially in light of the original. How many lawyers would stop Goren's psycho-torture of suspects before they even started? It's Perry Mason in the interrogation room. Blah.

Again, I love L&O, but it needs to return to what it was before 'Mr. Voice' started writing the scripts."

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