Thursday, June 05, 2003

Not Sleeping, Dreadming
Blogging for the lazy people

last cigarette: I don’t smoke
last coffee: Ed brought me his latte this morning while I was getting ready for work. Yawn.
last car ride: Driving to work in the rain - slow, very slow but listening to 99.5, the Wolf
last movie seen: away from home that Ewan McGregor and Rene Zellweger movie; started watching My Dog Skip last night but had already seen it- but Ed saw the whole thing. Great movie but sad at end. snifffff
last book read: The Best Revenge - very good
last beverage drank: I am drinking a cappuchino right now that boss broght me. She wants to keep me awake and alert which will be very hard to do.
last food consumed: chocolate coffee beans - buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
last tv show watched: That Graham Norton show on BBCA
last time showered: this a.m.
last shoes worn: black ones that I can wear without hose

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