Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Thoughts for a Monday but on a Tuesday in Mid-May:

1. I saw (accidentally) the movie, Reign of Fire. Egads! Who thought up the story line for this movie! It is a post-apocalypse tale set in England where hordes of dragons have overtaken the country. Their home turf is London (Austin Powers is nowhere to be seen). Christian Bale is the poignant hero. He acts as he is still in that Stephen Speilberg movie with a touch of Laurie of Little Women thrown in for good measure. But at least it's not American Psycho. That honor belongs to Matthew McConaughey. He is an American wildman who rides in on a tank – his goal to take the dragons out. I don't know how he got over from America to England.

Needless to say, the dragons appears and blow fire through their noses which is really napalm. I guess they love the smell of it in the mornings. After many dead bodies, CB and MM, along with requisite chick in the helicopter, go to London to kill the daddy dragon as he is the main one who is populating all the world with his little hellish feminist dragons (I know a few of those).

Won't tell the ending, as it is too tragic for words – but I can't believe I saw the whole movie! There is just one thing though, -- who in the world is picking the movies for Matthew McConaughey to be in? I thought he'd be perfect for Cold Mountain but the role goes to Jude Law, and now Mr. Mc. is in this movie. Change agents! Matthew!

2. Some high school memories – Wild Thing song, Knight in White Satin song.

3. Also saw at the last Nascar race, Jeff Gordon smooching with some blondie. Heard later, they had been seen at a topless beach. He is also "dating" a bikini model. I hope these are not gold diggers – you'd think he'd learned his lesson – and his divorce is not even final yet.

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