Friday, May 16, 2003

Friday Notes on me, others, etc.

1. The Texas state representatives have crawled back into Texas from Ardmore. They are very pleased with themselves for shutting down the State Government. I just would like to know who footed their bill while they were partying in Ardmore. It's over $400,000.

2. Mayor Miller is at it again. She wants to trade the signal of WRR (100.1) for one in the 90's. She says the City of Dallas will still get the station just as cleared. I beg to differ. This signal comes from the northern part toward the Red River area. It means that the folks at Lake Texoma will get the signal clear, and we won't. This is the only classical music station in the city, and she's a fool for doing this. The station makes money, for goodness sake!

3. There was a total eclipse last night – but – it was cloudy in our area. :(

4. But at least today is FRIDAY!

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