Friday, February 21, 2003

Well, I said I would watch some television not of the "reality show" type – I had to wait through Survivor to CSI. As soon as CSI came on, I fell asleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz The bad part of it was why didn't I fall to sleep during Survivor.

One Survivor note: those women on there – "meow!" Watch for a cat fight soon. It will probably draw huge ratings.

Speaking of Augie der Beagle Weiner, he is getting quite a varied appetite. Last night, he chowed down on some Girl Scout cookies, a little bit of child dog and a few japaleno chips. And he does not have a stomach ache. Burp!

Question: Does a 175 year quilt show fabric wear? Quida wants to know.

Another group in Dallas has announced they will not endorse our current mayor – yet she still says she will get re-elected. But like that group says, we can vote them in, we can vote them out. Amen to that.

And on a last note, whatever happened to:

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