Monday, January 27, 2003

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Thoughts on a Monday after Super Bowl Sunday:

1. I watched the game only for the commercials and rather disappointed. There were only about two or three good ones, the best being the horse football game and zebra official. Also, the commercial about the girl and her mother with the butt – that really hit home with Ed. Grrr.

2. Also, this wasn’t exactly a Super Bowl Sunday commercial, but I did like the commercial where Jimmy Kimmel went around to all the cable channels to say goodbye because he was going to start his show on network television. – Especially where he said goodbye to Anna Nicole and took a big bite of her pickle and she whined, “He ate my pickle.” And, of course, at the end when he said to the Sopranos, and they wacked him.

3. I grilled burgers for me and Ed – but burned them, so we literally had charcoaled burgers – Yum!! It’s amazing what Tabasco Sauce can do for a charcoaled burger.

4. I thought the game would be more exciting that it was. It was the usually “ho hum” Super Bowl game. I was very disappointed in the Raiders – along with a few others in California.

5. Augie, the Beagle weiner, though had a great time, but he passed out at 7:30 and didn’t wake again until 2:30 in the morning. Beagles know how to have fun. Give him an empty plastic coke bottle, and he is in hog heaven – chew, chew, chew. We finally threw him out in the backyard, whereupon Attila, the backyard cat, asserted her authority on him and wouldn’t let him come back in the house.

6. Anybody want to buy some chewed up Coca-cola bottles?

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