Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Ed cleaned out the garage yesterday to make way for the new washer dryer we got as a present on Christmas.

Among the things he found and/or threw away:

5 trash bags of lint
A used stationary bicycle (without the seat) that I got from my ex (the devil incarnate)
15 rolls of Christmas paper
2 lawn mowers – not used anymore because of Ed’s back
Broken ceiling plaster (when the cats fell through the attic ceiling - while fighting each other)
An old freezer (not hooked up because when it was, it blew a fuse) still filled with the food – phew!!!!
A stair stepper – which I have not used
Another stair stepper – which I still have not used
4 boxes of copy paper (for use to put in back of truck when roads are icy)
1 stereo record player (without the speakers)
A rack for storing 45 rpm records.

No dead animals were found. No dead bodies were found. And no Possum was found.

The Washer/Dryer is working fine now.

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