Monday, December 09, 2002

Took the new pup to get his picture made with Santa Claus on Sunday. He was scared until we got just right inside the door of Pet Smart, and then you would have thought he had died and gone to doggie heaven. There were so many dogs to sniff noses with, so many toys and treats, so many people to bother.

Of course, I couldn’t find exactly where the pictures were being made so we had to go all over the store looking for him. But it didn’t matter to Augie. He got to see and smell and try to taste more this way.

And he was so good when he get on Santa’s lap.

Ahhh, the pleasures for a doggie!

But then, we went home and I found out sure, Augie gets car sick! So I am going to try find some doggie dramamine somewhere to help his woozies.

Such a day! (Pictures of Augie and Santa to come.)

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