Thursday, October 10, 2002

Why Changing Rooms is Better Than Trading Spaces

The obvious:

Handy Andy Kane
Carol Millie
Anna Ryder Richardson
Linda Barker
Graham Wynne
Oliver Heath
Laura McCree

and the great Laurence Llewellyn Bowen.

Among other reasons:

1. They actually perform DIY on rooms that need changing. Trading Spaces goes to houses that look they had been built in just the last five years--upscale homes that do not remodeling. If Trading Spaces wanted a real room to change, they should come to my +45 house. There's plenty of fodder there.

2. Changing Rooms would not glue hay all over your living room wall as in one episode of Trading Spaces. Sure, Laurence is flamboyant with his reds and such, but I'd rather have him than that blonde designer with the penchant for hay.

3. I like Handy Andy's accent. The Trading Spaces carpenter guy acts as if he's Mr. Cool. Handy Andy is cool!

4. Changing Rooms actually change the rooms as opposed to some of the rooms in Trading Spaces where they just do a little painting, a little rearranging, and presto; or in one episode - paint the kitchen and buy a dishwasher. Is this DIY?

5. Changing Rooms gives really good ideas for DIY. Trading Spaces does not.

6. My personal opinion, but I like Carol Smillie better than Paige Davis.

End Rant

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