Friday, October 04, 2002

Who are Ed, Melva and Quida?????????

Okay, I have never done this yet. I need to introduce everybody that is in my blog. Here we go.
This is the web log of Ed Marvel, his wife Melva (me), my sister (Quida) and our adventures in road trips, being a family, our animals (of which there are many), living in Texas - the pros and cons (mostly cons), our everyday life. Now this may seem to the average reader a ho-hum blog, but believe me, everything we do somehow always goes askew. This is what I going to put my blog.

I guess it is not our adventures, but our misadventures.

It is also about our animals - the real ones and the no-so-real ones. My cats are: Attilla, Barney, Elvis, Harpo, Chico and Groucho. Then Ed has two coon dogs named Tyree and Tahlulah. Best dogs you could ever see. I am in the process of getting a beagle but can't find one yet.

Quida has four cats: Frou-Frou, who only has two teeth left, Buster and Doody a/k/a Tripod because he only has three legs. And she just got a new kitten (courtesy of me). We were going to name it Studley Throttlebottom but I think she is just doing to stick with Dippy. I think Studley Throttlebottom is a much better name because it comes from a fine old family of Throttlebottoms of southern Georgia. They could show Sherman a thing or two in the War of Aggression. Of course, there are the northern Yankee Throttlebottoms who live in Illinois but we won't discuss them (especially if we are in Georgia). But alas, the once proud Throttlebottom family now no longer has their plantation house but sell peaches and Valdalia onions along the state highway, along with cherry cider and chenille bedspreads.

Of course, last but not least, there is her dog, Quigley, the deaf white Australian Shepherd that she found in a drainage ditch along I-75 in Dallas. (Quida only goes to the best places to get her animals.). He likes to ride in her car, especially sitting in the front side. It is said she sometimes uses him as the second person for driving in the HOV lane in Dallas. Of course, if you would see him, you'd think you were a very weird version of Edgar Winter, but it works (as long as he doesn't stick his tongue out).

Well, that is us, please read on, because the adventures will begin.

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