Monday, October 28, 2002

Well, here I am at my new job. All is going well so far.

At the last one, I felt like Milton Waddams at the end. I thought my desk was going to be put down in the parking garage next the guy who comes in every Tuesday and Thursday to wash cars. But at least I would have my stapler.

I am very glad that the Angels won the World Series, and I very glad that Emmitt Smith broke the rushing record though I like Walter Payton.

The thing is about Walter Payton is that he broke the rushing the record with a really bad team all those years (except for a couple of years in the mid 80’s). Emmitt had the advantage of being with the Cowboys when they were good – though they are surely NOT now. Can you say "stink?"

But remember, I am not Emmitt Smith.

I have been eating some of our Halloween candy here at work and am on a sugar high right now. That stuff is awful.

Ahhh, this weekend is the weekend for the big George Strait concert here in Dallas. Can’t wait. I love Wranglers! More on that later!!!!

Elections are in one week here in Texas, and it has turned into ONE big mud slinging contest. Sheesh – hasn’t anyone heard of ISSUES anymore?

Speaking of Texas:


Did You Know?

Texas driver's licenses have the phone number 1-800-525-5555 in small print, on the back, just above the bar code or at the bottom of the card. It's for assistance on Texas highways. If you call that number in the event of an auto breakdown or other problem, a service truck will be sent to you.

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