Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Nothing is funny today - I am putting this in both of my blogs.

Some words from Melva on this sad day. I remember hearing about it last year while I was driving to work. At first, the radio newscaster and everyone thought it was just a small plane, minimal damage. Things like this weren't supposed to happen.

Then it got worse.

And worse.

I arrived at work, and we were all glued to the television set in one of the partner's offices. Then the Pentagon was hit and rumors of a plane going down in Pennsylvania.

I felt like the whole country was in danger.

My office building is in the middle of a cluster of federal buildings and two blocks is the tallest building in Dallas. Needless to say, we were all evacuated - just to be safe. I just wanted to get home.

My husband is a night worker and I first phoned him from work, and I had to say at the end "this is not a joke," because just saying what had happened nobody would believe.

We spent the rest of the day glued to the television set watching and not believing what we saw. My sister and I were to treat my husband to his birthday dinner that evening. It was on the 7th. The steak place where we usually go have TV screens all over showing C&W music videos. The dinner asked tonight to change to the television coverage so we could all watch while we were eating. The restaurant was very crowded.

When coming home, we noticed the lines at the gas stations because of those who were afraid of a gas ration.

Everything was surreal. The next day, reality set in. It was horrible. Everything changed since then.

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