Thursday, September 05, 2002

I have an extreme case of the goblootz today. I keep falling to sleep at my desk. So I went down to my car and promptly took a nap and woke myself up snoring. Came back up to my desk, but I am still ready to pass out cold.

Goblootz: from the 1/28/52 I Love Lucy episode. The spelling may be wrong. This is the episode where she claimed to have amnesia and the doctor told her she had goblootz.

Doctor: "Just as I feared, you've contracted . . .the gobloots. It came into the country on the hind legs of the boo-shoo bird. We may have to operate. We'll have to go in and take out your zorch." Lucy believes him and prepares for her death. Ricky finally spills the beans whereupon Lucy insists on being in the nightclub act. Now Ricky is the one feigning amnesia

Lucy and Her Doctor

Ahhh, the 50's.

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