Friday, August 30, 2002

Well, to start off I arrived at work yesterday and was hungry. There surely wasn't anything in the machines that wasn't over a year old, so I decided to go over to Mickey D's and grab a couple of cherry pies. Okay, but while I was hurrying back, this building has a waxed brick flooring and as I was walking up the stairs my shoes stopped, but my legs didn't and I fell flat on my face.

Not exactly, my face – but my hands and knees. I was in mortal pain. Luckily, the security guard came out and a woman who works with came in behind me and they were hovering all over me. My knees were killing me, but I was more embarrassed than anything. Then they call an ambulance! But, all was well, I didn't shatter my kneecaps but big lumps were forming. So I went home and propped my legs up so blood would pool to the bottom of my legs like an old cadaver.

Of course, Vicodin didn't hurt either.

Ed said this about the whole thing that he reminded me when I got hit by the pickup truck and got the concussion back in 1991 that I was on my way to get doughnuts

This time I was on my way to get cherry pie

I think that should tell me something.

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