Saturday, August 31, 2002

Last nite, being bored, which I usually am I surfed the net and found a site of
which was the weirdest site I have ever come across. It is

Cats as Trophies

But I would not visit if I were you -- unless you like seeing pictures of dead cats.

Although, it is a legacy to our dear departed kitties with thoughtful poetry - which is fine and great - but you are to submit pictures of the DEAD cat - in other words: ROAD KILL

I looked at two pictures and almost got sick, and said that's enough - this is crazy!

So I am going to dig up my cat Snowshoes from the backyard and write this little ditty and send a picture of his skull in.

I have dug up my cat named Snowshoes.

Who among cats was very very sweet.

Alas, to my dismay he has no clue.

He is no longer buried 3 feet deep.

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